Thursday, 25 June 2015

For Sale

Patch has been my baby since 2010. I have nurtured it since it was a few shelves in a spare bedroom to the small community, and place of loveliness it has become in Lowestoft today. 
Over the last 5 years I have had a blast, had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people, many of whom have become friends for life. All whilst doing what has to be the best job in the world.
But life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you, things that mean you have to re-evaluate what is important and things that mean you have to make fast and difficult decisions. 
In the last few weeks our family has had some truly devastating news, long story short, I want to spend every moment I possibly can with my precious mum.
So....Patch is for sale. We really would like a quick sale so the price will reflect that.
Patch has the potential to be amazing and I truly believe that new blood is just what Patch needs. 
I will be putting together an information pack for anyone making a serious enquiry, which can be requested by email
In the meantime it is business as usual, workshops will still run, lovely fabric will still be available and the shop will be open as normal. 
Nothing at all will change until a handover has been secured.
Thank you for your continued support 
Claire x

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