Monday, 28 May 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2012

Fat Quarterly
Next weekend I shall be getting on a train (all by myself - no small people needing a wee or a drink or a piece of Lego fixing/dismantling or whatever) and going to London to attend the first ever Fat Quarterly Retreat.
 I am stupidly excited, and equally nervous. I spend so much time playing shops and looking after my 4 boys that my online presence is a bit erratic , (you can see how brilliant I am at blogging from all the recent update) but I am really looking forward to meeting lots of people who I have met online over the past few years.
 I still need to make myself a name badge....I may or may not find the time this week to make myself one, but if not I'll be the person wearing a sticker that says Claire (cos thats my name) who looks like this....

Only my hair will probably be curly, and I won't be holding a birthday I'll be the person who looks a bit like this!
I am only at the retreat for the Saturday, I need to get back for a family holiday on Sunday but will be in London from the Friday night, at the Strathmore Grange.....where I shall latch on to the first person who is nice to me! (not joking).
I'll be in Lu's portholes workshop on Saturday morning and John's wonky log cabin workshop on Saturday afternoon, my fabric is all ready, I shall try and sew my bestest, but as Katy will tell you, nobody is allowed to look at the back!!
See you all in 4 sleeps x
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