Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Clutter City

Patch will be there...check here to check out the fab company I shall be keeping...can't wait x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Create, Make, Originate...

About 10 days ago I was asked by Primary Times to write an article about crafting. Not a huge deal - about 250 ish words, send some images, the content was within my capabilities...but could it be in by the following morning??
Amazing what you can get done when your children are being hideous, the baby won't sleep and you still need to cook for and taxi about children....
 (oh and by staying up til 2am!)
Because of the tight schedule I didn't get to see the finished article before it went to press, but I was chuffed to notice they didn't censor me ;)
I didn't come up with the title but everything after my name is my work..and its been a long time since I wrote anything!!
It was published this week, Ialong with one of the many images I sent them to choose from. The chosen image is one of Kittyeden's fabulous Christmas decorations. You can find Sara's work for sale on her website.

As a result of writing this article I have added some more bunting packs to the website, and I am currently updating the links page. If you have written a tutorial for a simple stitching craft project, and would like me to add it to the links page at Patch, please let me know how I can find it by emailing, and I will get it added.

Those of you in Suffolk will get this in your son or daughters bookbag this week...

I hope you can read the text on the picture above- if not-  have a look on our facebook page where the photo is readable!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


We have just listed some new fabric onto the Patch website..Its called Alfabeto Italiano by Michael Miller...

The blocks are sold as a panel measuring 55cm by 60cm costing £3.50, the other designs are sold by the FQ.
I think this would make a brilliant quilt...and I shall be starting one this week,
The squares on the alphabet panel could be cut out and then using the other 3 designs, squares the same size could be cut. It would make a really economical simple quilt top.

The piccolo (small alphabet print) design would be ideal for the backing too.
We have put together all the designs as a FQ bundle available here, or find the fabrics individually on the Michael Miller shop page.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


On Tuesday I drove to a hotel in Ipswich to attend a Business Link workshop entitled "improving your website through the use of SEO techniques and technologies masterclass".
The fact that even the title was a teeny bit confusing didn't put me off although I was anxious that my baby brain wouldn't be able to cope with it...the world of google and search and meta tags and keywords is one I am not over familiar with, but one I need to get familiar with in order to make Patch work well.
This was not my first Business Link workshop, but it was the first that I felt benefited Patch, in the morning the first session was called 'Making the most of free SEO tools' - I have come away with tons of advice and info to make sure Patch is working efficiently (now need the time to implement though!!!)
The second session was about Google Adwords ..although I don't think adwords is the way for patch to advertise, this session made the whole topic must clearer.

After a rather fab lunch, we resumed with a session, run by Fiona from StreamExchange, about video streaming and media - how video can be a powerful marketing tool for your business if used on your website. We learnt that our businesses were more likely to make front page of google if our websites contain relevant video.
I had been contacted a few days before the masterclass and asked if I'd be happy to be filmed so that a short video could be made to demonstrate how video streaming online worked....I said yes and spent all weekend wondering what I had done.
The filming...all I'll say is Davina is not worried about her job on my account ;)
But I think overall its turned out well....take a look yourself.... *blushes*

I'd definately recommend some of Business Links's free workshops..I've booked onto some more over the next few months including one on website analytics and one on copywriting (only 2 hours so must be an overview to say the least lol!!).

I hope that this post may break the chain of not posting for ages..I have a lot to write about, so hopefully I can manage some kind of regularity!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Book Review - How to Sew - David and Charles

Fiona at The Sewing Directory gave me the opportunity to review a new series of e books by David and Charles, entitled How to Sew.
The short (24 pages long) guides cover a range of subjects to aid the sewing beginner, the guides have full colour illustrations and photographs, and include templates for the detailed projects.

How to Sew - Basics is a comprehensive guide that covers just about everything somebody new to sewing might need to know...It covers the basic sewing kit to start you off sewing, not sure about the need for fabric glue personally but its a good supply list with pictures to help identify.
It goes on to cover fabrics, sewing threads, inserting zips and making bias bindings. Along with a guide to easy patchwork and quick quilting.
I liked the fact it gives descriptions of different fabrics and that it mentions using recycled fabrics too.
It covers different threads. The inserting zips page has good clear instructions and pictures. I'm not sure of the need to include instructions for making bias bindings in a beginners guide, but again it has well explained instructions.

The next ebook, How to Sew - Machine Sewing, is again a well laid out and short but comprehensive guide for somebody in possession of their first details stitches that can be done on most basic machines, describes different needles, and their use on different fabrics and gives detailed instructions, with pictures, for some simple projects - a shabby chic bag,a scatter cushion and a pocketed curtain -if I was to look for a negative with this guide it would simply be with the pocketed looks dated and, in my opinion, unappealing as a sewing project.

How to Sew - Applique, is, once again, a short but detailed guide to starting applique. It gives full instructions on how to work with Bondaweb and describes both hand and machine applique. The projects are simple and easy to follow, I particularly like the Vintage Flags tutorial...embellished bunting made from reclaimed fabric, this is definitely going onto my to do list! Like the Machine Sewing book, I felt one of the projects was dated, embellishing a denim jacket with appliqued patches...but again, that is just my opinion!

My favourite of the reviewed ebooks has to be How to Sew - Patchwork. This is an ideal guide for anybody wishing to try patchwork and quilting. It begins with preparing your fabric - by pre washing and cutting required pieces with a rotary and cutting mat. I do feel that the book could have included using scissors and a paper pattern as, in my opinion, cutting out patchwork pieces this way is adequate for a beginner to successfully construct a simple patchwork project.
I like that it gives instructions for both machine and hand piecing and the projects it gives tutorials for are great first time or beginner projects. There is a simple quilt (large squares), a rucksack and the really cute pig cushion/toy that is shown on the cover of the ebook. (another for my to do list!)
I would have liked to see hexagon patchwork in there, as a hand sewing project, but that aside this book is comprehensive and easy to read and understand.

These guides, and other sewing titles, are available from RUCrafts here... priced at 99p each.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Patch Gallery - using gingham bias binding

One of my customers has sent me some pictures of her fabulous makes using the gingham bias binding she purchased from Patch - I am floored. Marilyn has made bags and aprons from oilcloth and the finish on them is amazing...these bags make Cath Kidston bags look like Primark!!
Seriously.....check out the funky colours of oilcloth for starters...and the internal seams have been finished using gingham bias......

And again, with the aprons..the finish is just beautiful......
 *updated* You can find these lovely items here over at

Keep your gallery pictures coming...thank you to those of you who have shared on the facebook page too.
You can find Patch on facebook here.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Kaffe Fassett - Millefiore

We have just listed 2 new designs by Kaffe Fassett on the website...This design - Millefiore - is my favourite of Kaffe's..its been around a good while but I look at it and think Kaffe!
The above picture is the pastel colourway and below it is in blue.......

I reluctantly listed can find them here
I was very tempted to keep them to myself!
I plan to make the skirt from this months (Issue 21) Sew Hip Magazine out of the blue.....

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Patch Gallery - Kids Zoo Bag

Made by a very talented customer (and friend).
This super sized bag was made from the book 'Kids Quilts in a Weekend '
with a  few tweaks to the pattern....including edging the inner pockets with fab gingham bias.
Made from Michael Miller Kids Zoo (my favourite as previously mentioned!!)
If you have made something from Patch fabric or ribbon and would like to show it in the Patch Gallery, please do email some pics to me at
(likewise if you have already emailed me pics and I haven't done anything with them give me a yell and a kick at the same email address!!!)

Friday, 3 September 2010


More fabric added to the site
Fine Lines describe the collection as " inspired and adapted from our love of French ephemera. We think you will fall in love too, with the soft teals, and petal hues in it's French drawing room floral designs"
Its more traditional than the other fabrics in the shop but its still as desirable!

I have also spent part of this week (this, the last week of the summer break  *insert huge sigh of relief here*) making more ribbon packs

fabric packs

including some Christmas themed ......
Next week will bring me - more ribbon pack making, Christmas ones this time, there will be a red and green theme and a gold and cream theme.....
I also have some FQ bundles waiting to be photographed.....thats the good stuff...I also need to do some website tweaking...moving some pics around on the bit you see......and updating meta tags....
Not my favourite part!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Thank You to everybody for taking the time to comment, 57 of you! has chosen the winner of the giveaway (didn't have the stomach for writing names!)

Number 16...thats  Sweet Cotton Threads!!!
Who told me.....
I love the 'Avalon' Fabrics, I would have to make peg bags (or come up with some new ideas for items!) from it I think as this fabric is so beautiful! 
 Congratulations to you, if you pop me your address in an email ( I shall get your FQ bundle of Avalon in the post this week.
Happy Crafting!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Giveaway Time!!

Like many I am on the countdown to the new school term at the start of September (do you know how many sleeps it is!!!).
I am spending my days imagining all the time I am going to find on my hands when I can get back into the swing of things with Patch and perhaps even *gasp* sew!!
(my machine has not had the cover off since the end of July and I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms...)
Over the last month I have been listing lots of new fabrics by Clothworks....with Avalon and Into the Woods especially making me think of autumn crafting.

into the woods
hungarian blue

Which collection do you like best....
What would you make........
Would you like to win a FQ set of your favourite??
Leave a comment on this post before 7pm on Tuesday 31st August and you will be entered into our giveaway to win your favourite.....
All we ask is that you link back to this post on your blog or facebook page and that you are a follower of our blog.....
Can't wait to hear what you would make and...... Good Luck!!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010


We have just taken delivery of yet another lovely Clothworks design.
This time it is the bright floral design Avalon by Pamela Mostek.
Clothworks have provided a free download for a quilt pattern, 
but these fun prints would make fantastic dresses and skirts for a little girls autumn/winter wardrobe.......

These designs are available on the website here.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The new Amy Butler collection 'Soul Blossoms' will be available at the end of the year. I think this collection is my very favourite of Amy's.

I have been trying to decide which of the designs Patch will initially be stocking.

I say initially as I am trying to show restraint. I am rapidly running out of space...when the space issue has been sorted then I can stock more,
including the fabulous home deco range and the laminated fabrics too.
Its not easy...I love them all...and I am trying to choose designs that compliment each other....
Sadly, the last word from my rep was that the gorgeous Amy Butler threads  (that are being advertised in some UK publications), are not going to be available through the UK distributor...but watch this space..that could change!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

a dress is not just for christmas......

Remember these fabrics??
They are by Clothworks - Twelve Days of Christmas.
I can think of so many uses for these, table coverings, stockings, tree decorations..but how about this....
                                                                                             (picture taken from Clothworks)
This dress was blogged here...over at the Clothworks blog.
I love how some of the Christmas designs work as stand alone non festive fabrics.
The Twelve days of Christmas designs are available here, along with other ranges for Christmas crafting.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

UK Fabric Sellers

Katy over at I'm a Ginger Monkey is dedicating this weeks blog posts to fabric sellers in the UK.
Today is all about me!!!!
I have been a long time fan of Katy's blog, and quilts and tattoos (hmm I am creeping myself out a bit there..I am NOT a stalker honest!!!) so I am honoured to be featured......

Katy's blog is full of inspiration and advice, and as if producing fabulous quilts wasn't enough, Katy is also involved in the new quilting magazine Fat Quarterly

.......information about this new magazine can be found here.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Patch in Print

Patch has had some good publicity over the last month...on opening up my copy of Primary Times, I saw that Patch was mentioned in the 20 things to do this summer section....when its manky weather and you want to get crafty, we have fun fabric and ribbon to inspire you!
We were mentioned in Primary Times Suffolk but you can see the piece here...

Fiona from The Sewing Directory writes a monthly column in Sew magazine...this month she spoke about quilting and very kindly mentions Patch as an online source of quilting goodies!
I get so excited to see Patch in Print, whether its an advert we have placed or a surprise mention or write up, so the next issue of Sew Hip brought much delight!
The gorgeous gingham bias has made it onto the Things We Love page this month and Patch has been mentioned as a stockist of Tanya Whelan Dolce fabric.....
I have been lucky enough to see Issue 20 of Sew Hip already, it will be in the shops in the next couple of really is fabulous! There is a gorgeous dress,skirt and dressing gown to make...aswell as some great projects  for your home.
While I am case you haven't seen, or as a reminder...pop over to The Sewing Directory and check out the fabulous  Christmas Creativity could win a Janome sewing machine aswell as other great prizes for submitting your own tutorial for a christmas  related project.
If you need some inspiration, have a look at the new christmas designs over at Patch........

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Patch Packs

Smaller Patch Packs are now available at Patch
Each pack contains 2 pieces of co-ordinating fabric measuring approx 26 cm x 55cm and ribbon and trim to inspire you, or 5m of white bunting tape for making..well ...bunting perhaps!!

At just £3.25 each, they are ideal for small crafty projects..or to make bunting for your summer home....or how about as party favours for a little girls party??
These packs will soon be available as a party pack so you can host a stitching party for a little girl (or boy!) and friends.
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