Sunday, 17 October 2010

Create, Make, Originate...

About 10 days ago I was asked by Primary Times to write an article about crafting. Not a huge deal - about 250 ish words, send some images, the content was within my capabilities...but could it be in by the following morning??
Amazing what you can get done when your children are being hideous, the baby won't sleep and you still need to cook for and taxi about children....
 (oh and by staying up til 2am!)
Because of the tight schedule I didn't get to see the finished article before it went to press, but I was chuffed to notice they didn't censor me ;)
I didn't come up with the title but everything after my name is my work..and its been a long time since I wrote anything!!
It was published this week, Ialong with one of the many images I sent them to choose from. The chosen image is one of Kittyeden's fabulous Christmas decorations. You can find Sara's work for sale on her website.

As a result of writing this article I have added some more bunting packs to the website, and I am currently updating the links page. If you have written a tutorial for a simple stitching craft project, and would like me to add it to the links page at Patch, please let me know how I can find it by emailing, and I will get it added.

Those of you in Suffolk will get this in your son or daughters bookbag this week...

I hope you can read the text on the picture above- if not-  have a look on our facebook page where the photo is readable!


  1. That's excellent.
    Well done!
    Now catch up with some sleep!

  2. Well done, hope you get some sleep soon :-(


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