Sunday, 25 April 2010

Patch Gallery

More stunning makes from talented Patch customers.......
this time gorgeous lavender hearts made by the lovely Mary at Polka Dots and Posies.
If you visit the Polka Dots and Posies Folksy page you can check out Marys other beautiful makes...(I love the personalised tshirts......)
Please do send me your pics of what you make with Patch fabric and ribbon......either by email (  or post your pictures on the Patch facebook page.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Giveaway Winner......

Just a quick dash in today to announce the names that small boy picked out....


can you let me have your addresses ladies and I'll pop the ribbon in the post.

I spent a lovely day on Thursday, doing nice fabric- y stuff not techy stuff, and I have put together some FQ packs....

 I have some more ribbon packs to upload onto the Patch website too....

I think I'm going to have an open house sometime in the near those of you who are close enough can come and see Patch products in the flesh!!
Probably be towards the end of May..on a Saturday...what do you think??
Need to think about that this weekend, sort out the practicalities!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am hoping to do some sewing..its torture being surrounded by all this tempting fabric etc and not having any time to craft!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


After a very traumatic day, I have managed to get the delicious fabric loaded on to the website.
We are all systems go now!!
But let me tell you it wasn't easy...there was a problem with my pics...a problem with my cookies...a problem with the web hosts techy stuff...typical on the day I was child free and excited to do the boring part of the shopkeeping lol!!!
Anyhow..3 phone calls to some techy people, one takeaway tea for my boys, lots of sweary words, very sore fingers from tapping and a headache from screen gazing......I am there!!!
I know I have said before but the site is very much a work in progress, I have more techy stuff to do to make the home  page easier to use (some links and pics)
Bear with me!!!
There is more fabric coming soon...some I have made available to order as I know its on its way..and there are new designs coming in June, July, August etc etc!!
I'm off now to lie in a dark room!!!!
Enjoy x

Monday, 19 April 2010

Spotty Giveaway

I may be absent this week...whilst I start the task of getting that fabric on the website.
(got to make that 1st cut soon *gulp*)

I'll be as quick as I can for you!!!
The flatpacks are nearly sorted...I have a cutting table - everything else can wait!

I'll leave you with another giveaway..this week for polka dot ribbon......

If you'd like to enter, same as last week, let me know in the comments box.
Again, not necessary to have a blog but I do need a way of getting hold of you.
This giveaway is open to oversea's bloggers....
This week I shall pull out a second name if either my facebook fan page or patch blog reach the 100 followers/fans total too!!!
I shall leave it open til Friday night and announce the winner on Saturday again.

But hopefully I shall be back before then with news that the fabric is listed x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Patch Gallery

Rachel from Made with Love hase sent me some gallery pics of her recent makes with patch ribbon...
I think they are fab....if you do too, you can find them here.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ric Rac Winner and a sneak preview...

Thank You to everyone for entering the Patch 'waiting for the fabric' I said yesterday it arrived!!
Here is the sneaky look at whats here so far.....there is some more due this week and more (clothworks and red rooster designs) in June, July and designs that will be released then. I can get my paws on the Christmas stock in May too, but I might hold back until July or August.........
The first pic is all Michael Miller - yes still in cellophane as we have company this weekend so I will have little time to play and I just wanted to get it out of the boxes!!
(Yes I do keep going upstairs to open the cupboard doors!!!)

The stack above is all P&B Fabrics are the top 2 fabrics in the pic below, on top of more Michael Miller.....the rest of the MM I ordered should be with me next week....


I now desperately need those Ikea flat packs made up so I can get all the fabric in the cupboard and move the ribbon somewhere else, will be next week though I fear, due to afore mentioned company!!
(oh the bad timing lol!!!)
So before I begin my weekend off with family, we picked a winner........or 2!!!!

The first name out of the pot was.......
And then I realised that I hadn't made a note of which 2 of you Sarah's both are winners!!!! (dur....but it was early!!)
Sarah here.....and Sarah here.....

Can you send me your addresses please ( and I'll get your ricrac to you both  xx
Thank You everyone for entering...... I shall do another giveaway next week as promised.......

Finally, all this gorgeous fabric needs to find its way onto the I may be gone for a few days while I take pics and do techy things behind the scenes at Patch!!

Friday, 16 April 2010


The men in the blue and yellow lorry have been and delivered me the furniture and storage we needed to complete Patch HQ (previously known as the spare room!!)
And just in time..................................

Yesterday afternoon I took a call to say that some of my fabric was here and did I want it let me think that one through :D
It arrived this morning!!! I wasn't expecting it until next week - good old DHL.....
I am showing great restrain by blogging before opening these boxes...but now I'm off to enjoy!!

Last day to enter the giveaway - the ric rac is cut and wrapped ready for the winner..names will go in the pot in the morning...see you then!!!
(and maybe a sneaky peek???????)

Monday, 12 April 2010


I really do feel in limbo!!
I knew I would have this waiting time by launching the site early with ribbon only, but that doesn't make me any more patient!!!
Considering that there has not been any advertising outside blogland, my first 'live' 2 weeks have gone really really well. Thanks to you!! I appreciate the support and feedback you have given me. And it is lovely to know you like the products I am stocking as much as I do......
I think I did the right thing, having a pre launch launch! It gave me chance to iron out some problems, and its giving me an idea of what I can change to make running an online business smoother......
If all goes to plan then the fabric will arrive in 2-3 weeks time. I have arranged advertising, nationally, starting at the end of May, as by then there will be a good choice of fabrics listed on the patch website.
(That felt VERY grown up lol!!!)
So how shall we while away the time....with a giveaway or 2 perhaps???
This weeks giveaway is a ric rac one......
If you fancy winning a bundle of cotton and velvet ricrac, please leave me a comment before Friday night.

You don't have to have  a blog to enter, but I must have some way of contacting you.
Open to both UK and Overseas.
If you are a follower of this blog, you will get an extra entry...
And if you link back to here on your blog, thats another entry.
On Saturday morning, one of my glamorous assistants will pull a name out of a receptacle, and I'll get a package of ric rac in the post to the winner...
(then we can start again with next weeks!!)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Patch Gallery

Gemma has sent me photo's over the weekend of her latest make using Patch ribbon...

using pink, purple and plum microdot ribbon............
I love it, ribbon, felt and buttons all in one place.......Gem is a very talented crafter whose wares can be found in posh shops in North London......aswell as here and here
You can send Patch photo's of your makes

Monday, 5 April 2010


Patch is now on Folksy...stocking Patch Packs .....
I have also restocked the shop with packs..replacing the ones sold over the weekend.

I had an enjoyable evening packing up more packs!! Hopefully they will all be uploaded in the next few has also given me a chance to see what I need to order from the supplier to make up more packs...just a few colour shortages in certain trims...I need some yellow ribbon and some purple bows for starters!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Patch Packs

I put yesterday's child free time to very good use......
let me introduce Patch Packs!!
Co-ordinating ribbon and trims chosen by Patch to inspire you.
Each pack contains a selection of ribbon, cord and either 1m, 2m or 3m lengths. Some packs contain ribbon rosettes too.
There are pink packs......



black and white


and red. *now in the shop*

All available here.
I am part way through making more of these and some will be added to patch on folksy over the easter weekend.
What do you think??
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