Monday, 5 April 2010


Patch is now on Folksy...stocking Patch Packs .....
I have also restocked the shop with packs..replacing the ones sold over the weekend.

I had an enjoyable evening packing up more packs!! Hopefully they will all be uploaded in the next few has also given me a chance to see what I need to order from the supplier to make up more packs...just a few colour shortages in certain trims...I need some yellow ribbon and some purple bows for starters!!


  1. The packs are such a good idea - I'm so looking forward to receiving mine! I'm also getting a bit shaky at the prospect of you stocking fabric too. This is super cheeky, but when you get them would you consider having an 'open morning' for us locals to come and have a peek? Just a thought....xx

  2. no helen - not super is definately something to consider :)
    A full launch party perhaps??
    with invites and everything??
    excited now!!! Wish that boat from the states would put on some more coal and hurry up lol!!!!!


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