Saturday, 24 April 2010

Giveaway Winner......

Just a quick dash in today to announce the names that small boy picked out....


can you let me have your addresses ladies and I'll pop the ribbon in the post.

I spent a lovely day on Thursday, doing nice fabric- y stuff not techy stuff, and I have put together some FQ packs....

 I have some more ribbon packs to upload onto the Patch website too....

I think I'm going to have an open house sometime in the near those of you who are close enough can come and see Patch products in the flesh!!
Probably be towards the end of May..on a Saturday...what do you think??
Need to think about that this weekend, sort out the practicalities!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am hoping to do some sewing..its torture being surrounded by all this tempting fabric etc and not having any time to craft!!


  1. Open house sounds like a fab idea your fabrics are sooo fab just need to wait for payday or a lottery win LOL c u soon Penny

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'm a winner!

    Thank you so much to the little boy who picked me, can't wait to see the ribbon xxxx

  3. Open house sounds great - just not 29th May (am at a craft fair in Southwold).

    Look forward to seeing the fabric bundles on the site - I must get my order sorted soon.

  4. Received my parcel from you yesterday. The fabric and ribbon roses are scrummy. Will post resulting makes soon as have some ideas already. Congratulations to your winners, bu...r* it wasn't me!

  5. thank you thank you xxxx and those fabirc bundles look adorable x

  6. Hi Claire, received my ribbons this morning, thank you so much they are gorgeous. I already have a project in mind! Incidentally they were beautifully packaged, so very professional - first class xx

  7. Open house sounds brilliant - hope its a day I can come


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