Friday, 16 April 2010


The men in the blue and yellow lorry have been and delivered me the furniture and storage we needed to complete Patch HQ (previously known as the spare room!!)
And just in time..................................

Yesterday afternoon I took a call to say that some of my fabric was here and did I want it let me think that one through :D
It arrived this morning!!! I wasn't expecting it until next week - good old DHL.....
I am showing great restrain by blogging before opening these boxes...but now I'm off to enjoy!!

Last day to enter the giveaway - the ric rac is cut and wrapped ready for the winner..names will go in the pot in the morning...see you then!!!
(and maybe a sneaky peek???????)


  1. Yes please on the sneak peak!!

  2. How exciting!!
    I am really happy for you.
    I'm not sure if I entered your giveaway, if not, please count me in!

  3. Can I join the rick rack giveaway please and I would love a sneak peak of your fabrics.

  4. Very exciting - but surely you have to put all that storage furniture together now?

  5. Ooh, it's so exciting! I'm looking forward to a cheeky peek at your fabric goodies. Wishing you huge success with "Patch". Emma x

  6. Now that is not on - showing us boxes. I want to see the fabric!!!You really have got us on the edge of our seats waiting...

  7. I hope I'm not too late to join in the giveaway, but even if I am I will return to see the opening of the boxes!!

  8. Can't wait to treat myself to new fabric!
    : )


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