Wednesday, 21 April 2010


After a very traumatic day, I have managed to get the delicious fabric loaded on to the website.
We are all systems go now!!
But let me tell you it wasn't easy...there was a problem with my pics...a problem with my cookies...a problem with the web hosts techy stuff...typical on the day I was child free and excited to do the boring part of the shopkeeping lol!!!
Anyhow..3 phone calls to some techy people, one takeaway tea for my boys, lots of sweary words, very sore fingers from tapping and a headache from screen gazing......I am there!!!
I know I have said before but the site is very much a work in progress, I have more techy stuff to do to make the home  page easier to use (some links and pics)
Bear with me!!!
There is more fabric coming soon...some I have made available to order as I know its on its way..and there are new designs coming in June, July, August etc etc!!
I'm off now to lie in a dark room!!!!
Enjoy x


  1. Some really super fabric there , Claire
    Have made my first order

  2. Have just placed my first order and am sure I will be back.


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