Thursday, 30 September 2010


On Tuesday I drove to a hotel in Ipswich to attend a Business Link workshop entitled "improving your website through the use of SEO techniques and technologies masterclass".
The fact that even the title was a teeny bit confusing didn't put me off although I was anxious that my baby brain wouldn't be able to cope with it...the world of google and search and meta tags and keywords is one I am not over familiar with, but one I need to get familiar with in order to make Patch work well.
This was not my first Business Link workshop, but it was the first that I felt benefited Patch, in the morning the first session was called 'Making the most of free SEO tools' - I have come away with tons of advice and info to make sure Patch is working efficiently (now need the time to implement though!!!)
The second session was about Google Adwords ..although I don't think adwords is the way for patch to advertise, this session made the whole topic must clearer.

After a rather fab lunch, we resumed with a session, run by Fiona from StreamExchange, about video streaming and media - how video can be a powerful marketing tool for your business if used on your website. We learnt that our businesses were more likely to make front page of google if our websites contain relevant video.
I had been contacted a few days before the masterclass and asked if I'd be happy to be filmed so that a short video could be made to demonstrate how video streaming online worked....I said yes and spent all weekend wondering what I had done.
The filming...all I'll say is Davina is not worried about her job on my account ;)
But I think overall its turned out well....take a look yourself.... *blushes*

I'd definately recommend some of Business Links's free workshops..I've booked onto some more over the next few months including one on website analytics and one on copywriting (only 2 hours so must be an overview to say the least lol!!).

I hope that this post may break the chain of not posting for ages..I have a lot to write about, so hopefully I can manage some kind of regularity!!


  1. I thought your video was great! Lovely smile too :)
    I am booked into a free craft business advice session in October, I will ask about the course you went on.
    Thanks for the info and good luck with it all.
    I'd say your doing great so far with your online presence!

  2. Glad you found it useful, SEO is a huge subject which is hard to get your head around and it changes all the time :-)

  3. fab video Claire, I learnt quite a bit from it too being new to fabrics. Maybe you could add little tutorial videos to your site - a lot of american sites seem to do this.


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