Monday, 23 August 2010

Giveaway Time!!

Like many I am on the countdown to the new school term at the start of September (do you know how many sleeps it is!!!).
I am spending my days imagining all the time I am going to find on my hands when I can get back into the swing of things with Patch and perhaps even *gasp* sew!!
(my machine has not had the cover off since the end of July and I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms...)
Over the last month I have been listing lots of new fabrics by Clothworks....with Avalon and Into the Woods especially making me think of autumn crafting.

into the woods
hungarian blue

Which collection do you like best....
What would you make........
Would you like to win a FQ set of your favourite??
Leave a comment on this post before 7pm on Tuesday 31st August and you will be entered into our giveaway to win your favourite.....
All we ask is that you link back to this post on your blog or facebook page and that you are a follower of our blog.....
Can't wait to hear what you would make and...... Good Luck!!!


  1. Oh me please me please, I'd like to win avalon!!

  2. Ciao,
    my favourite is Hungarian blu.
    I make a table cover.
    Sorry for my english.

  3. Hungarian blue, as it would match our bedroom. I would use to make some cushions.

  4. I love the Avalon - don't know what I would make though.

  5. hey there
    so i love love the avalon bundle, i would have to make a couple of one off bag's with it such lovely colours....
    i am already a follower!/profile.php?id=679272451
    and have facebooked you!!!! wish me luck xx

  6. So hard to choose...

    With Avalon I would make some bags.

    With Into The Woods I would make some door stops

    With Hungarian Blue I would make some cushions!

    How's that for flexible?? But I think my favourite is Into The Woods. So different from anything else I'm working with just now.

  7. OMG stunning fabrics! I love the In To the Woods, gorgeous colours. I would love to make a bag with them as I often wear brown so it would match my outfit perfectly.

  8. Oooh Avalon - pretty!! So many lovely things to make. Skirt, cushion, bag, what to choose!

  9. I am loving the Avalon collection, mmmm purple and birds! Lush!
    Linking you on my facebook

  10. I love the Avalon set of fabrics, so rich and colourful. Perfect for getting the house cosy for Autumn. Not sure what i'd make though, too many choices

  11. Into the woods would look great in our caravan ;) Would love to adhere some of the bird/feathers to the blinds and then make some cushions to pull it all together and out of the bland-ness it currently has!
    linking on facebook :)

  12. Avalon and I would probadly make something useful for travelling.

  13. They are all very pretty, but I think I like the Hungarian Blue best, I should love to win, as then I would have an excuse to get my old sewing machine out and have a go at making something.....not sure what..

  14. I love Avalon. I'm thinking they would make beautiful panels for the sling I'm hoping to make for my autumn arrival neicephew!
    I too have linked you on FB.

  15. I love into the woods but think that Hungarian Blue would be so well suited for an online friend, I HAVE to say Hungarian Blue!! I'd make a little gift and send some fabric for her current project, too.

  16. I love the 'Avalon' Fabrics, I would have to make peg bags (or come up with some new ideas for items!) from it I think as this fabric is so beautiful!

  17. So lovely! And I'm excited to have discovered your blog! I'm thinking Hungarian blue would be pretty darn great for the union jack vintage style cushions I have in mind to make. This will be my first EVER project since I made a questionable oven glove when I was 15, so this would be a good start! At least the fabiric will be beautiful and so will inspire me to hone my skills!! :)

  18. I recently bought the Emmeline Apron pattern by Sew Liberated, which is just waiting for the right fabrics. I think the Hungarian Blue collection would be perfect for making it.

  19. I will say the hungarian Blue, i could make lots of beautiful bags and accessories and maybe some beautiful cushion covers and with the scraps left i would make the bits into a quilt x So i would love to win the Hungarian Blue selection pretty please x

  20. Ooh, would love Into The Woods. Am currently sourcing fabric for play mat for my little one and would definitely love to use this fabric!

  21. Tough decision Claire but I think it will have to be the Hungarian Blue .... off to do a linky now xx

  22. I love the Avalon set. I've been watching Eleanor Burns and want to do a retro quilt - I like the roses in baskets. But to start with, I need to practice on something smaller like the dresden pattern - and the Avalon would do that beautifully !

  23. Hi I am sandy, a newbie sewer with ideas waiting for that special fabric to bring them to life .

    Which collection do you like best.... I like Into The Woods, the name says it all.. very Autumny.

    What would you make........ I would use it to make some more of my bags, but also so plush owl toys for xmas gifts maybe.

    Would you like to win a FQ set of your favourite?? Well of course!!

    Cant add you or link to fbook as i dont use it but will try linking you to my blog page , may have to do a special post about links to my favourite blog and websites..

    Ok enough waffle from me,
    I a twitter follower @sandylivvybabe4
    but here's my blog

    There a crafty questionaire on there if you fancy taking part xx

  24. I would use the Avalon either for centre panles in the front of a medieval dress or make a patchwork bag for work or again use it as a centre panel on a skirt (circle style skirt) either way I would find something to make with it as its so colourful and would contrast against my black outfits all the time ;-)

  25. now linked on my FB

  26. I like them all but since I have to choose it will be the green. I love the deers. I think I would add a splash of soft pink and make a sampler quilt for my new nieces room.

    I'll link back on facebook.

  27. I'm intrigued by "into the woods" and have ideas!

  28. They are all so unusual, which is great - I like the avalon one

  29. I love love love Avalon - such gorgeous, vibrant colours and so bold . Would keep me sewing lots of loveliness for my little girl :)

  30. I love the Avalon collection, if I had those I'd definately get round to making my next patchwork quilt

  31. I love all three for very different reasons but my absolute favourite of the three has to be In The Woods. I usually loate and detest brown but love it in this ranges combination colours.

    How to use it? Well in a lap quilt for use in my living room. I would hope the red dog hairs would not show too badly! I also suspect it might well get 'borrowed' by a couple of my friends

  32. *Love* for Into the Woods. I can see making some very autumny placemats and table runners with it!

  33. They're all lovely! Avalon so pretty - I'm thinking skirts. Into the Woods - something for my hubbie as he's a nature lover (perhaps a manly cushion for his lazy boy chair) and the Hngarian blue reminds me of my Grandma who collected blue and white china so I 'd use that for something for my mum as a gift to remind her too.

    Plumpiing for a favourite is hard - but into the Woods it is. Have linked you on my blog.

  34. I love the avalon fabrics - I'm into making bags at the moment but these fabrics would make a lovely quilt for my daughter to take back to uni next month

  35. Ciao,i'm pam
    my favourite is Hungarian blu, i make a bag, bye

  36. Hi! my name's Velia and my favourite colour is blue and so i'd like Hungarian blue; and i'll make a little bag!
    bye bye Velia

  37. Hi, I love the hungarian blue..absolutely!!! Soooo nice!!I'd like making a cover for my mum's table (kitchen).. colours,style.. is perfect!
    I'll post this giveaway on my blog! thanks!

    Luisa, from Tuscany

  38. I can't be a follower.. it doesn't work! I tried two times...sorry

  39. Candy is very sweet. I love the Avalon collection:)
    Thanks for chance to win.
    Greetings from Poland.

    *hugs-Peninia art

  40. O, look, I'm your 100th follower!

    Loving the "into the woods" collection. Would look absolutely lovely made up into deer shaped cushions.

    I'm following, facebooking and putting a link to your blog in my sidebar.

    Great giveaway, thanks so much ... :0)

  41. Beautiful fabrics! For me the best are hungarian blue - they are perfect for dresses and pajamas for my angels!

    Greetings from Poland!

  42. I like "into the woods" best and I'd make my daughter a bag to take her extra clothes etc for when she starts at nursery. Lovely fabrics. :-)

  43. Finally! I'm a it works! :)

  44. I love hungarian blue, it match with the colours of my kitchen, so i'd like to do a sewing machines cover and a toaster cover.
    So, good luck to all.
    I put a link on the sidebar of my blog :
    If you are interested there is an open giveaway, so come to visit me.
    I' can't become a follower, it doesn't work, i'll try later.

  45. Hi! I like very much the hungarian blue.Blue is my favourite colour and I would like to make a bag!
    This is my blog:

  46. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me meme me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me meme me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!

    Now then how do i delete all those people above me so i win....*titter*. Hummmm

  47. I like the into the woods collection and i'd probably make a lap quilt. :-) i'll post on my fb page here:!/pages/Diary-of-a-Tinyholder/137435079628397

    Please feel free the enter my giveaway:

  48. Oooooo, I love the Avalon and would make a bag just for me. Perfect colours.
    What a great giveaway. Thanks Claire. Good luck peeps.
    Rachael XX

  49. I adore the Into the Woods fabrics. I live near Richmond Park and it reminds me of walks in the park in Autumn - deer, birds, leaves.
    I would make some squishy cushions for snuggling up with when the season changes.

  50. I love Avalon...gorgeous! I would probably make some cute little cushions, or maybe some bunting for my daughters room, she would love the little bird and prety flower designs :)

  51. From hungarian blue would have been a great bag
    rom hungarian blue would have been a great bag
    Out into the woods is something in the kitchen, so they are suitable for interior mokgo
    And of avalon cushions in-law
    I'm new to your business and try to be diligent student
    sorry for my english

  52. Thank you for your generosity, the candy is really beautiful!!
    Linked it on my blog and you now have a new follower. i love hungarian blue
    Have a nice day,
    Hugs from italy,
    blog creative:

  53. Avalon ... so pretty and girly! I would make patchwork cushions and heart strings :) Please count me in I will put your button on my sidebar
    Heather x

  54. Ohooo what a lovely giveaway, of course for me it would have to be Avalon :0) I would make little christmas pockets to pop little treats in and delights for the children xx

  55. My fave is "Into the woods", and I think I would make a knitting/crochet needle roll up as I could really do with one and it's something I keep putting off making!!


  56. popped here from diary of a tinyholder at twitter and have retweeted to my followers too. a lovely giveaway. i like all the fabrics but avalon has such wonderfulcolours ~ love the flowers prints. i would make something for my girls, maybe little purses or bags.

  57. love the avalon collection and would most likely work the fabrics into a quilt for my twin girls!

  58. I like hungarian blue and would make a bag.
    Linked it on my sidebar blog
    Thanks for giveaway
    sorry for my english
    bye bye

  59. love the 'into the woods' collection. I see a quilt for my son with that yummy fabric! thanks for lettin' me enteR! just under the gun lol.

  60. Oh where have I been? Can't believe I have missed this! Oh well never mind good luck to all who didn't 'miss the boat'. I would have chosen Hungarian Blue ;-) to make a gift for a friend who also loves blue.

  61. A me piace il hungarian blu..... se vinco ci faccio degli orsetti profumati per gli armadi.
    Grazie per la bella opportunità


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