Monday, 21 June 2010

Patch in Print

Patch is in Sew Magazine this month.....
I jumped the gun a bit as I am saying I have fabric by Amy butler etc....they should have been here last Monday, but the company had a restructure just as I ordered as a new customer and I got a little lost..anyway I chased it up last week and its in transit now - expected on the site for sale by Wednesday evening.
I also had an advert in Cloth magazine last month, I am a new fan of this magazine, there is a pair of trousers I want to make in the summer issue (its a quarterly magazine) and lots of refashioning of clothes ideas. There is also a large sewing basics sections with colour photos, so makes it an ideal beginners magazine. I really enjoyed it...if you subscribe now you can save money off the regular cover price and also receive a mini patchwork bundle (wrapped up in Patch ribbon) - while stocks last.

I am eagerly awaiting my new fabrics, as well as the FreeSpirit designs that are newly ordered...I have several others on the coming in June list...Red Rooster's Giselle,  Christmas fabrics..including some of this collection...and this...and this...

We spent the weekend sorting out the room where I work..previously the spare room..but now overtaken with fabric and stuff! Still not totally sure where most of the next influx of stock will go but I'll find a space somewhere!! I am quite pleased with the space I am working in now..after more shelf buying at the weekend, I have a better system going on and everything feels in order, I'm not sure how long the spare room will continue being big enough for Patch though!!!


  1. Hi there Claire, I've been looking at the links at the side of your post and the cloth one doesn't work!

  2. thanks for pointing that out...should work now :)

  3. I got my copy of Sew this morning and noticed your Ad.I haven't seen Cloth before so will look for that.

  4. Still doesn't, not on my computer anyway :( perhaps I'll just google it :)


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