Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I never went away.....

I seriously couldn't believe that I hadn't even logged in to my blog since October..I really don't know where time goes, between Patch and the 5 boys (including my husband in that number I haven't produced an extra one!!) there isn't a lot left....but anyway, huge news!
It was always my plan/goal to have a real life bricks and mortar shop selling fabulous fabrics and sewing paraphenalia...but whenever we talked about having a shop it was implied that it would be 'later' 'when the kids were older' whenever 'that' would be. But then the months of running Patch from home ticked by, and while I was still loving every single thing about running my own business, the itch wasn't being scratched - my return to work wasn't...working. I need to be out at work, I've been at home 3 and a half years. I feel priviledged I was able to leave work after having baby no4 and be at home with my children but in order to keep sane......

.....this is going to be the new home of Patch Fabrics.
And we will be opening our shop in March.
The premises have been empty a long time and need a lot of tlc. But I love a challenge!
I get the keys on 1st February...but am going in this week hopefully to measure up so will get lots of before pics (brace yourselves!)
And you see that 2nd floor...its ours too! That will become our workshop space, or extra retail space if necessary in the future.
I am very excited. My head is buzzing with ideas, I have 3 notebooks full of scribbles and lists. I am placing
orders for necessary stock and waking up in cold sweats about getting everything done!!
Although I have lots of support from family and friends (well mostly - you know who you are xxxx) this project is me myself and I  - so the excitement is tinged with apprehension..but you only live once!
In the mean time the website is still live and kicking and has just been updated with new fabric

and fabric packs....
(click on the link to go to shop)
Claire x


  1. Oh Claire that's just too exciting!! Well done, I'm sure it will be fantastic! I love the look of your new shop to be. How much fun are you going to have now?!! Lucky you.

  2. Thank You Sarah...its going to be a shock going out of the house to work but hopefully the excitement will make up for it!! XX

  3. How fantastic, I bet you are so excited and scared all at the same time :-) Good luck, you will do fab!

  4. Oh I am SO coming to your shop - I'll make a special trip for it!
    I am so pleased for you and Patch! Heres to a successful 2011 xxx

  5. Congratulations! You are very good on Facebook updates so don't feel too bad!! Fab news xxx

  6. Wow, you own shop. Congratulations!


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