Friday, 11 March 2011

at the end of week one.....

I'm reaching the end of my first week in the shop.
Its been great. I have seen so many people, far more than I could have guessed would come and see my little shop. I have heard the most positive comments and witnessed several ladies excitement at there *finally* being a fabric shop in Lowestoft.
I have had so much interest in my yet to be planned workshop and class programme.
And most importantly, I am loving it!!
It is far less stress actually leaving the house to go to work. I am back with my boys at about 4ish and don't feel like I am missing out on too much (they of course, have their own places to be during the day anyway and don't miss me one bit!!)
The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that I have removed inspiration and fabric packs from the website, I nearly sold out of the bunting packs last weekend and although I have made many more this week, some of them are using nearly out of stock fabric, and until I work out a way of keeping up with the supply, I have had to take them off. The bunting packs will probably be back, but maybe (probably) as a custom pack.
Tomorrow my Saturday boy starts with me, as he is my son I feel I should be able to work him extra hard!! I have a list of jobs that he can do over the next few weeks, I did tell him earlier he can have the title stock control manager! And obviously he will be senior cuppa tea maker ;)

Patch is open tomorrow at 9.30 until 3.30.
If you fancy a listen to my dulcet tones talking about opening the shop, I was on BBC Radio Suffolk this week, theres a link here (I'm about 1hr 22mins in.)


  1. I will make the journey from Norfolk to Suffolk one day just to see your lovely shop.

  2. A huge well done to you! oohh I need to take a trip to your shop! x

  3. Hello you!
    Hope business is booming!!
    Shall I send you one of my packs and you can see if you'd want some? They are not the most advance kit, but good for beginners!
    Let me know if you want one xxx


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