Sunday, 24 June 2012

Inside Patch

I have had to have yet another move about in the shop - brought about after looking at my pile of forward orders and the realisation that it won't be very long before the Christmas fabric will need a place to live!
I am really pleased with how the shop is looking right now - we brought a painted dresser down from the studio space upstairs and made a (very organised for now) office/work area in its place.
The counter has been moved about a metre further into the shop which has given us tons more space. Enough space that we could do an aerobics work out if we wanted too (we won't).
Now all I need to do is sit and wait for the new fabric!
This was my first post using my phone, all great and very easy - apart from all the pictures being at the bottom - will need to work out how to insert them between paragraphs and perhaps I might blog more!

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