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Back in June I blogged about my visit to Colchester for the UK Art Gallery Fabrics showcase.
I fell in love with Pat Bravo's fabrics and the companies ethos.

The quality of these fabrics is completely different to most of the other companies (it's the high thread count if you want to get technical I prefer the they just feel lovely description!) that makes them perfect for not only quilt and craft projects but garment making and home decorating too.

Indie - the latest range designed by Pat herself - is in Patch (and on the website) now.
For the first of what will be a monthly giveaway on the Patch blog, I am giving away a fat quarter bundle of all 10 of the indie prints we are stocking at Patch to one UK blog follower. (Overseas next time I promise!!)

To be included just become a follower of the blog and leave a comment telling me - and the rest of the blogging community - your biggest quilt (or crafting) disaster (happy accident if you like but let's face it sometimes things just have to go in the scrap bin!!)
I shall pick a winner on Monday 8th October.
Don't be shy!! I'm looking forward to hearing your tales of disaster!!


  1. I haven't been quilting long enough to have had any major disasters yet but in my clothes sewing the worst disaster I had was with cutting out a dress from a vintage pattern. I didn't have much fabric so I had to cut in a single layer and when I went to sew it together I discovered I'd not flipped the pattern over (or the fabric, either would have worked) so one of the fronts was reversed. No fabric to cut it again so into the scrap basket the whole project went. Annoying as I liked that fabric a lot!

  2. I've been lucky so far in that I have been able to salvage or re-purpose any mistakes I have made. I love a happy accident!

  3. The beauty of patchwork is that any disasters can be easily disguised with a little re-jig - my biggest downfall was when layering my first quilts together and machine quilting in the ditch - I ended up with a lumpy wibbly wobbly mess. Have to say that I am now using the Bamboo mix wadding {from Patch Fabrics of course ;-)} and it is fabulous !

  4. I don't think I've had any really big disasters, or maybe I have and have just erased them from my mind! However...the first quilt I made when I was 18 (I didn't have my own machine) was not a masterpiece, I don't think I followed a pattern, I randomly picked a backing fabric that doesn't go, the wadding I used was superthick polyester, I quilted it on my mum's old (even then) Singer with a normal foot. Ugh it is not pretty but I still have it, the children like it (it's quite squishy!) and it's a good reminder of how my skills have improved - if only slightly!
    Now I look forward to reading everyone elses mishaps! thanks for the giveaway

  5. when I was a student, I agreed to make a skirt for a friend of mine because my mum had a sewing machine not because I had ever done it before! We chose some stretch cotton type fabric and it was a complete disaster. I never went near a machine again for a very long time. I think that's why I have clothes patterns and can't bring myself to start any of them :(

  6. Those fabrics look lovely. My most recent sewing disaster is probably the funniest so I'll tell you that. I was making a pair of pyjama pants and sewed the wrong seam and sewed the 2 legs together!

  7. My biggest disaster was over 30 years ago! I had made the bridesmaids' dresses for my brother's wedding - they were all fitted and finished and ready to go so I thought I'd just give them one last press!! you can see where this is going can't you?? Yes I scorched one so I spent the eve of the wedding adding a ruffle to the smallest dress to hide a large hole - thank goodness I'd bought plenty of spare material! I never told the bride what I had done!!

  8. I don't think I've made enough to have a big disaster but I've had plenty of ruler slips whilst cutting and have had to buy extra fabric because of it...

  9. Hi, my biggest disaster has to be... When spring sprung
    This year I decided to revamp my caravan interior.
    I carefully took down all the curtains and pelmets and
    Headed off to my craft room. I carefully measured, cut out
    Then sewed all the new interior. The only remaining
    Job was to attach the popper tape to all 8 curtains! I was so chuffed
    With myself and couldn't wait to put everything back up!
    Off I go to the caravan...guess whi'd sewn ALLthe popper tape on the
    Wrong sides...of every and bottom? :( grrrrr

  10. I remember trying to help a friend do a bagged lining on a jacket. I'm not exactly sure where we went wrong but when we turned it rightsides out we ended up with a totally unwearable Mobius strip type creation. There was quite a lot of unpicking to do.

    (Following via BlogLovin)

  11. I've sewn my hair into a seam & cut my trousers when cutting the sleeves off a t-shirt in my knee!

    Oh & I'm the friend That SewLittleToSay is talking about, so that's one of mine too :-)

    1. Hey Beth - you won!
      email me patchfabrics at hotmail dot com and i'll get to you x

  12. Most of my big disasters have been with knitting, and I don't think I have ever knitted a garment for myself which hasn't been a disaster. Sewing has been less disaster-prone, although I remember making some pyjama trousers using a pattern which required you to put one leg inside the other, sew the correct seam, and hey presto! you would turn them out into a pair of trousers. I got it all wrong and just ended up with two tubes irrevocably attached and all completely immovable so I had to unpick the lot and start again.

    Great to discover your blog and I am now a follower!

    Pomona x

  13. Most of my disasters have been able to be biggest problem always has been starting a new project before finishing the first. Lost count of how many unfinished projects I've had over the years. Longest project - 28yrs and still not finished!


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