Thursday, 29 November 2012


We have stocked Clarke and Clarke coated fabrics (oilcloth) since the shop opened. We love the ranges available from Clarke and Clarke, their shabby chic ranges have been very the point I am totally shabby chic'd out!
Festival has been around for just a few months - its my new favourite. It's inspired by the 1951 festival of Britain and the collection comprises of 4 printed home dec weight cottons, plain linen co-ordinates, and a beautiful embroidered linen.
 We jumped at the chance to dress our window for winter with fabrics from the new collection, and armed with 5 designs and about 24 hours we came up with this......
And when I say we...I mean I said yes great when Leanne and our latest Patch assistant Sheona came up with the ideas!!!

The Festival collection can be viewed here. We can order any of the designs from the Clarke and Clarke site for our customers. (minimum cut of 5m). Please email, or send a message via the website if you would like price information. Samples are available too via the Clarke and Clarke website.
We stock oilcloth from the Festival range in store and on the website available here

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