Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Running Patch is the best job I have ever had. There aren't enough words to describe how happy I feel knowing I am going to 'work'.
I love my shop. Love my fabrics. Love my customers. Love my studio space. Love to sew whenever I get the chance.
There is always a but isn't there???
It's hard work. Really hard work. Juggling everything with my 4 children, 2 of them still very young, a husband who works away half the week, a stupid cat, a social life (ha) and sleep sometimes gets overwhelming! 
I have help in the shop, Leanne and Sheona are amazing and between us we try hard to keep on top of everything but I need more help.
That's where hopefully 'you' come in...
Patch is looking for bloggers who would be willing to work for fabric and shout outs on this poor,neglected - but soon to be managed properly- blog!!
The job spec goes as follows - every couple of months we send you 2 bundles of fabric - one for you and one to turn into a sample, with a tutorial ( or you can use an online tutorial or book pattern) for the shop/blog. 
We would like you to blog about it which I can then post on the Patch blog linking back to you. 
We will cover all postage costs.
Does this sound like something you would like to do? 
I hope so, if you are interested please email me patchfabrics@hotmail.co.uk with your name and your blog name.
Hope to hear from you soon! 


  1. Could I still be included if I dont design my own stuff? I tend to work from patterns already on the interweb (igving full credit to the people who put the patterns up).

  2. Sounds like a dream job! Unfortunately like you I have 2 young children and they eat all my time at the moment. Lucky lady whoever gets to do this gig!


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