Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Scottie Dog


About 4 years ago I bookmarked this pattern over on the Denyse Schmidt website. Just before the school holidays began I finally got around to making it.

I used 2.5" squares to make both the dog shapes and the joining strip, I have a box of 2.5" squares that I started to cut from scraps as I finished a project. **

** That was during one of my 'enough is enough' periods of organisation but it was shortlived and I currently have 2 dumpbins full of scraps taunting me.
I loved deciding to make the Scottie Dog and not have to cut anything out.
And I love the scrap vomit effect. No endless rearranging of fabrics to get the position right - just sew and go! 

This was the first new cushion for our new to us caravan that we in this house arguments - wish I'd thought of it sooner!!!


  1. Love him! I made one of these recently and did a solid colour to join the two sides together......I reckon there might have been a bit less swearing on my account if I'd used squares all over!!!!!

  2. I did a solid band on the 2nd one I made...I swore quite a lot too!!

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  4. Lol I too have a bin full of 2 1/2" squares and strips and scraps coming out my ears! He's a rather handsome Scottie :)


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