Monday, 13 January 2014

Pop up Shop

So the shop is in storage.
The strip out team have been into Patch and done this...

And this.....

I met with the insurance companies surveyor last week and discussed the refit, chose new floor tiles, discussed electrical stuff (zzzz) and got sent away with a paint chart to choose new colours (walls will be white again before anyone gets excited lol!) for doors and things.

Things are moving and my 'whats the point' feelings have passed and I am tentatively planning lay outs in my 'new' shop.
As I said before I will be making changes..nothing opening times, rearranging of the shop floor, and a revamp of the stock.
So - I have a lot of fabric to downsize! Which means a mammoth sale...

Patch will be in Barclays Bank, London Road North, Lowestoft between 9am and 5pm on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Monday 27th January.

We will be selling ONLY our sale items, which consist of: 
Bundles of ribbons and trims at £1 a bundle. 
Coats threads for £1.00 or 6 for £5.
Anchor Embroidery threads 50p each
Fabric at £7 metre - obviously we wont be able to cut as we go, so everything will be precut and available as a FQ (£1.75) 1/2m (£3.50) and a metre (£7.00)
We have some pre-cuts too but sadly we are not able to get to everything so the full range we had in the shop will not be available.
We hope you will come and see us

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