Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have a child free morning so I will be having a Patch morning and playing with ribbon.
I shall have pictures tomorrow of my hard work!
It hasn't all been work - I am fitting in a very small amount of crafting.....
making this cafetiere first go at one.....
I used some red narrow stripe trim for the ties....
I think everybody will be getting one of these for their birthday and Christmas was one of those projects that takes longer to measure and cut than to sew!!
I got the instructions to make it from the Tilda Sew Pretty pattern just a case of measuring your pot!! (I left off the complicated curvy bits!!)

Ok back to the ribbon.....
(if you want to see pictures a little bit earlier then join the Patch Fanpage on facebook..I'll be uploading my days work on there tonight.....)


  1. Love your choice of fabric :)
    Looking forward to seeing your photos later.

    B xxx

  2. It looks lovely! I was thinking about making one for me as I drink more coffee than tea. :)


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