Monday, 29 March 2010


So Patch is here...thank you to everyone for offering your support.
I spent the weekend reflecting on what needed to be changed on my website, and a few things need tweaking.
Until I have the fabric, the site is only 'half there'...and I am eagerly awaiting my fabric I know lots of you are!!

The site has been written with the fabric stock in mind, so the postage costs are very reasonable for the delivery of fabric - £1.95 for any sized order up to £45.00 when it becomes free. However I have noticed that when I am posting ribbon only, that amount of postage is not necessary.
As a customer I like my p&p to be good value so as a shopkeeper I am determined to offer a service I would want to use. I am going to tweak the ribbon shop, and alter the postage costs.
So regardless of how much ribbon you buy, the delivery will cost just £1....
(all this weekends customers will be refunded the extra they paid)

Thats what these early days are about, finding out what is working..what is not...
Thank You for bearing with me!!!
One of my favourite items at Patch are the gorgeous ribbon rosettes - already proving to be popular.
Lots of crafty uses...the manufacturer suggests decorating a photo frame....a great wedding gift? I am going to stitch some to the neckline of a cardigan, once I decide what colour!!!
You can find them here.
Its great to see that Patch has some followers already..both here and on facebook (scroll down to bottom of page for a link to the fb fan page for Patch). I shall have a ribbony giveaway (or 2...) once those numbers reach 100!!!


  1. love my rosettes, i think i may do something cardigany with them too :)
    if we make things with patch goodies can we send you photies? x

  2. yes please to photies!!!
    I would love to show everyone what happens with Patch products!!

  3. Do you have any plans to stock buttons?

  4. Thats great news about your postage a frugal shopper, I often do not buy from the internet because of postage charges being extortionate. Sounds like you've had a good start, off to but some ribbon from you now x

  5. Over the moon with my couple of goodies, the ribbon roses are beautiful and think I may need some more.
    I was wondering the same as country Girl.

    Beki xxx

  6. Glad you ladies are pleased...I fell in love with the rosettes - and I've never seen them anywhere before.
    I have no immediate plans to stock buttons...the fabric and ribbon being my priorities for the time being..but who this space :)

  7. Hi there, popped by via Littlegems. Love what I've seen and will certainly be interested when you fabric is on line. Lovely ribbons too. Good luck with the shop.
    Jenny x

  8. Claire your shop is looking lovely and you have some great lines.
    I am going to pop back and order some goodies in a mo.
    On your facebook page if you copy and paste your whole shop address and put it in your info box people will be able to click straight from your wall page. I'm only saying as it took me a while to work out how to get to your shop. (I am a bit slow on the old uptake though, lol)
    Wishing lots and lots of luck
    Rachael xx


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