Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Today I have updated the Christmas Shop at Christmas designs are coming in...and although I wasn't feeling as festive as I might in this glorious weather...I made up some FQ bundles...
We have added fabrics by Red Rooster from a lovely collection called An Old Fashioned Santa Claus.... available individually or as a bundle tied up with Christmas ribbon and trimmed with jingley bells!!
The jingley bells have also been added to the Patch shop in 2 sizes, sold as a pack of 5 - available here.
Its never to early to start your Christmas crafting....


  1. My mind is too turning to christmas. You have to think that far ahead to get organised, especially when you run a business and have a family


  2. How exciting, I'll check them out when I get back from my wedding! My parcel arrived today too - many thanks, I may just fit in a bit of holiday sewing and shirr a summer top before we go!

  3. I love the red peppermint one, the dotty one and the candy cane stripe - will have to order soon - got some ideas!

  4. Oh no that's scary now I really will have to pull my finger out if people are going to get presents this year. Will be making my lists once I've finished the summer sewing.


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