Friday, 9 July 2010

Patch Policy

The last 3 months since launching Patch has been a massive learning curve for me.
Patch is still in its infancy and I am constantly working out how to make Patch operate the way I want it too and still maintain a stress free family life.....actually even pre Patch stress free was not a term used much round here....but now the pressures on our home life are much higher...

One way I can make things work better is altering the postage policy. As of today all orders will be posted the next working day after delivery, still by 1st class post, so your purchases will be with you soon after ordering.
If I can post the same day I will, and want all my customers to know that it is still really to important to Patch that you get to hold your fabric or trimmings in your hands as soon as possible after ordering.
I have tons of (what I think are) fabulous ideas for Patch and I just need a big heap of time to bring them to'll be the first to know!!!


  1. It is very hard balancing creating a business and family, you will find stress and guilt creeps in all the time but it is worth it in the long run. Good luck with the new ideas, I am sure they will be fab!

  2. I understand exactly where you are coming from - my business too has been a huge learning curve! You are doing a really good job - Well Done! Wishing you all the sucess in the world xx


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