Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Just a quick update - I am so busy both in the shop and back at home placing orders to make sure Patch has enough stock to fill the space behind these very pink doors, I am struggling to find time for much else.
I had to have a pink front door - I toyed with the idea of pink masonry paint for the whole of the outside but the man who generally leaves me to it, very firmly said NO! I can't wait for the signage to go up..this long as its before 5th March!!!

The whole interior has been painted white - new lights have been fitted in the upstairs space, it looks fab and very clean and bright...I just need to clean the floors and stairs ready for the shelves to go in..but we are definately on the home straight!

I have a cutting friends hubby built it for me at the weekend. I just need to paint it, although I am reluctant to as I love the way it looks and don't want to spoil it!!! Its made from MDF....can you just varnish over it to seal it?

Back to the shop tomorrow for the carpet fitting in the workshop space and for B(useless)T to perhaps show up and get me and broadband!! Last week was a no show and it will be a whole month from ordering the line to an engineer showing up, because they need to prepare at the exchange (they can't even guarantee the number either)..did I wake up in the 1950' he going to show up on a bike with a basket?? Best bit...I can see the exchange and Open Reach depot from my shop front window.
Back soon with updates...I think I am 2 days away from being able to burn my painty jeans and go to work in proper clothes!!


  1. Looking good can't wait for the Grand opening sooo excited for you c u soon

  2. Keep calm and carry on !
    You are doing a great job and I luuurve the door x

  3. Great stuff my lovely! Shops looking good! Very excited for you!!

  4. Its going to look great with signs up - do you have a grand opening date yet?

  5. Sorry! Just realised it says 5th March!

  6. Love love love the pink door, may I ask what paint it is, I wannna paint my house that colour ;0) xx

  7. Hi Claire this is the first time I've read about your progress and seen pictures of the shop, it looks absolutely fab and I love the pink!! Wishing you all the best with the rest of the refit I can't wait to read all about it. Leah xx


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