Friday, 4 February 2011

a start....

So...I am in (huge grins).
I really didn't know if I would get the keys on the right day, in fact the repairs were still being done when I got to the premises to pick up the keys but (deep breath)it all happened.
On Wednesday I did the school/nursery run and spent the whole day clearing out. This shop has been empty for 3 years. It is filthy. The landlords hadn't cleared out all their old gubbins so we have removed it and it will be in a skip on Saturday morning!
My mum has been amazing. My stepfather was rushed into hospital on Wednesday afternoon(he is okay, its an existing problem..which imo is always better than a new one!) and as she couldn't do anything she has kept herself busy by pulling up carpet and cable you could tell from the first shop picture it was previously a tv shop - and oh my you have never seen so many plug sockets, aerial sockets, cables, etc etc in your life!
Anyway these pics are on day 2 - the end of a busy day 2....
this pic is from the door in the retail area looking at the staff area, its just a corridor with a kitchen worktop down near the back door and a loo....
heres said loo! AFTER cleaning - seriously you don't want to see the before *eek* this toilet will be going tomorrow, I have a local firm in to do the work we cannot do. Priority, this nasty non flushing loo! Maybe another day I'll tell you the tale (tail) of this toilet...........
kitchen (ish) area - I have picked up another wall cupboard today and we have a worktop fridge in which I can keep salad to keep me out of the choice of - sandwich bar - chip shop-restaurant all in a 30sec to 1 min walk away!!!
Now I'm standing at the back door looking down (bored yet?)
in the shop stood at back wall - this counter was shifted by me and mother 5mins after I took the photo
standing at the right of shop looking left!!! That pile of shizzle will be in a skip on Saturday morning...
left looking right (them there cage things are what we have taken off the big window - the rest will be off at the weekend and taken away)
And now for the upstairs - standing at the front windows
standing at the top of the stairs....
and again...those 2 openings are store rooms....
the staircase.....
It needs a good clean and a good paint but more than ever I see Patch finding its home here. Still a way to go, but I wish I'd taken pics when I first got keys, but tbh after seeing the loo I just didn't have the stomach!!
Back loo going in *fingers crossed*, I'm painting the bottom end of staff corridor so new cupboard and fridge can go in. I'm knackered. Already. The online stuff still has to be done. So is getting done after my day at shop has ended. But in 4 weeks and 1 day time - Patch Fabrics, Lowestoft will be open and I can go to work. And home will (mostly) be home.


  1. woo hoo! exciting times ahead for you claire! How amazing, fingers crossed it keeps running smoothly. cl

  2. Wow Claire! It looks huge! And so perfect too! Can't wait to pay you a visit. I know my mum will have it on her list too when she next visits :) x

  3. claire how exciting, what a fab space (and huge too!) can't wait to see how it all develops. Although it's knackering I bet you're running on that never ending energy that comes with the excitement of a new challenge. and if i'm ever over lowestoft way i shall definitely pop in !!!!

  4. I'm so pleased for you Claire,its going to be great!

  5. Oh I'm so so happy for you! It is all going to look so lovely when it's all finished! Best of luck with it all and I look forward to seeing your next blog :) x

  6. You are sooooo lucky, it be great. Cant wait to see what you do. Good luck
    Sue x

  7. Well done Claire. Had logged into my blog for months, this is a great surprise. Hope you have a very profitable 2011 and beyond. I think all us stitchers are so envious of you. Good Luck!

    Jo xx

  8. I am sooooo excited for you xxx

  9. It looks a great space - look forward to seeing how you tranform it!

  10. Can't wait to see it open!! Will have to get to see it!!!
    How exciting : D !!!!!!

    Sharon xx

  11. Great times ahead!!! Very exciting :)


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