Wednesday, 6 April 2011

How well do you know your Sewing Machine.....

...or overlocker?? Do you use your machines to the best of their ability or do you drag it out of the cupboard (corner, box etc) and hope that it will do just what you want it too??
Have you forgotten how to thread your overlocker?
Ann Haughton from Suffolk Sewing School will be coming to Patch on Tuesday 7th June to teach. In the morning from 10 til 1, the workshop will cover the Sewing Machine. This course will cover:

Threading Techniques
Understanding Tension
Selecting the correct needle and threads
Sewing a straight seam
Overlocking stitches
Sewing Stretch Fabrics
Button Holes

Then from 1 til 4, Ann will be covering the Overlocker. This course will cover:

thread your machine from the beginning
understand how the stitch is formed
when to use a 3 thread overlock stitch
when to use a 4 thread overlock stitch
how to use the differential feed mechanism for perfect results
understand how to use the extra feet for your overlocker and those that are available

The following will be covered depending on the machine you have:
Cover Stitch
Lap stitch
Chain stitch

Each course costs £30 - but both courses booked together will cost £50.
More information can be found here and here.
There are limited places available so early booking is advisable...

The full list of workshops and classes available at Patch can be found on the website.

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