Friday, 28 October 2011

Lauras Handmade Life - Book Signing

We will be welcoming Amanda Addison to Patch on Saturday 12th November to sign copies of her novel Laura's Handmade Life.
Laura's Handmade Life is published by Little Brown. And is available at Patch now priced £6.99.

Amanda will join us for a craft taster session, come along for a chat or to join in the fun! We'll have the fabric and ribbon ready for you to try your hand at some stitching projects.

This free event will be held at 9 Bevan Street East, Lowestoft. Please email or call for further information: 01502 588778

 Laura Lovegrove is leaving behind her seamless life in London. Her architect husband Adi has been relocated to rural Norfolk, a far cry from the ultra-urban Ealing she knows and loves. Laura knew village life would be different, but she didn’t foresee a pokey cottage, nosey neighbours, errant poodles, and even an ex-boyfriend turning up. Chris had been her big love at art college and seeing him again is utterly confusing. Is she really so different from the impulsive student who once trawled charity shops for vintage treasures?
When a fire all but destroys Laura’s collection of vintage clothes, she’s heartbroken - and seriously lacking in outfits. But, salvaging what she can, Laura makes do and mends - sewing purses, bags, even dog leads (which should solve the poodle problem). Soon, she’s inundated with orders. But Adi is becoming more and more distant, as if there’s something he’s not telling her. Can Laura make a stitch in time and pull her family back together again? 
Amanda Addison writes both adult and children’s fiction. A common theme to her work is the world of art & design. She is a graduate from Chelsea School of Art. Amanda’s interest in writing began when she illustrated book covers and articles. Amanda’s illustrations are mixed-media collage - using fabric scraps, trimmings and stitching.


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