Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year

This blog has been the poor relation of my shop venture....I had planned to use it to showcase all the lovely fabrics we stock, show off our makes and share our workshop fun.....but as my last post was in October I think I can safely say it was a big fat fail!!

Anyhoos new year, new start and hopefully I can share more of the goings on at Patch.
2012 has got off to a good start, we have started a quilt club, every other Saturday a group of enthusiastic crafty ladies will be getting together, sharing their ideas and jollying one another along. The response to this has been amazing, and we are now full for this session, so we will be starting a second quilt club during the week (Wednesday the most likely day).
We have a new Workshop programme for January to March(that can be found here), and we are getting the list ready for April to June right now.
Katy is coming back to play at Patch in February. Her Jelly Roll workshop is full. But you never know if we are nice to her she might come back and play again ;)

Alex will also be returning to Patch for the 4th time, this time to teach Machine Embroidery with appliqué and paint effects, there are just 2 places left on this workshop, but Alex will be back again in April with workshop number 5!

2012 will be the year that the Patch website gets some tlc. Long overdue tlc. In fact there will be a shiny new website with better search facilities out in the www before the end of February. We have lots of gorgeous fabrics in the shop that haven't made it onto the website, and tons of new designs due to be delivered over the next few months, all of which will be available on the new site. It's proving to be one of those jobs that needs more time than is available, the launch date of pre Christmas has come and gone but I am confident about the February (self imposed) deadline!!

 (Riley Blake Daisy Cottage available in the shop now...and on the website v soon!)

We are still open everyday except Sunday from 9.30 til 3.30, you can't miss door and half a sign!! (thanks to this weeks east coast "hurricane"!!!)

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