Monday, 30 January 2012

Lampshade Workshops

This week at Patch its been all about planning - planning changes to one of our rooms upstairs (more news on that later), planning the new website (ditto) and planning a new programme of workshops for April to June. This is a job that, although I love doing it, usually leave til the the last minute...not this time. I'm ahead of my game!!!

There has been a change to the March programme, the pyjama bottom workshop on 24th March has been cancelled, and in its place we will be running our 1st custom lampshade workshop.
It will run from 1 - 3.30pm and will cost £30 to make a 20cm diameter shade and £35 to make a 30cm diameter shade. All you need to bring is 30cm of fabric (light to medium weight works best)
Spaces are limited so early booking is advisable....we will also have April and June dates for this workshop too.
We are very excited about these sessions - it really is the most fun me and Leanne have ever had making these (perhaps we need to get out more!), and this no-sew workshop is suitable for absolutely anyone!
We are taking bookings now - either by email ( or by phoning or calling in the shop.

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