Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kids Club

Yesterday saw the first of our monthly kids club...we say club but really each month is a stand alone session with a themed project, there is no membership so basically you just book a place. There is a £5 charge and that includes all materials.

This month we made felt hearts - much fun was had and new Barbie pillows were created. Not having pink flavoured children the whole barbies needing pillows thing was a very welcome blast from the past (although I was a Sindy girl - mum thought Barbie was a bit of a trollop and highly unsuitable!!), it was lovely to see that 30 years on the desire to provide home comforts for your favourite dolls hasn't changed (now feeling slightly sick to realise that i am old enough to say I did something 30 years ago *crys* )
Anyways, we all had a lovely time - even though neither myself or Leanne don't especially want to see a needle that needs to be threaded for a little while ;)
The next kids club sessions are on Saturday 25th February and Saturday 24th March, from 10am til 11.30.(we are taking bookings now you can email or phone or come in and see us!) 

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