Wednesday, 1 February 2012


 Inside Patch changes often. I am NEVER satisfied with how things look. But after almost a year there are parts I can honestly say, yes! this is why I wanted a shop....this is how it was supposed to look.......
Now in colour order...I glare at Leanne and Georgia to make sure they put them back in the correct place ;)
The growing collection of oilcloth is now stored on very nifty stands

buttons..I really didn't want one of those cage like stands to display them - in fact didn't want these tubes either but they work!!

plain cottons (Klona) - obviously there are more than this pic shows, I am adding to the plains with some non Klona plains in the search for the perfect Orange!!

lampshade (30cm size) in the 'workshop' window

other window


  1. i love the look of your shop. unfortunately your opening hours clash with when i can get to you x

  2. Hopefully when my youngest starts school we'll be able to open later one night :) are you still interested in quilt club?? X


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