Saturday, 1 May 2010

Craft Fair

I have been offered a table at a craft fair next Saturday, so Patch needs to have stock to show...somehow I don't think that if i dollop a load of full reels on the table people will be very interested!!
So I have been cutting 3m lengths of EVERY ribbon we stock EVERY colour we stock and folding them and securing them with that little Patch label.....
My new table is quite the hive of activity at the moment...... still got quite a lot of reels to get through!!
Good job I like ribbon lol!!!
But it is taking up every spare minute.......and I need to pause twice next week for rep visits - ribbon and a new fabric supplier..more on that another day and in the mean time don't tell my husband ;)...

I shall also be taking FQ's of fabric and Patch Packs aswell as lots of business cards, so if all else fails it will be a day of advertising for the business.

It is a craft and pamper day..there are lots of stalls including The Body Shop and Jamie at Home aswell as handcrafted products and Patch!!!

 Scole Primary School
Norwich Road
IP21 4ED

10am - 3pm

Here is a link to google wouldn't let me embed a detailed map into the post for some reason...

It would be lovely to see any of you East Anglian bloggers..I'll be the one with all the ribbon lol!!


  1. ooh lovely, if it wouldn't take me about 2 days to get there I would come along. I had a table at the one our school did ans did well, Mums seemed to be spending more without kids in tow.
    Let us know how you get on..
    Sue x

  2. Ooh - already committed for Monday but would have loved to come. Good luck, I'm sure it will go well for you.xx


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