Friday, 7 May 2010

Getting Ready.....

Thats what Patch has been doing this week...ready for the fair tomorrow:
 Scole Primary School
Norwich Road
IP21 4ED

10am - 3pm
The Patch cutting table is full of everything I am taking with me....I have tried to have a bit of a practise, to see how I can lay the table out..but I'm not entirely sure how much space I'll have until I am there....I am sure it will come together and anyway this is the trial run - the first time Patch has been out and about in the real rather than virtual world so we can tweak the next time if something doesn't work!!
How to display the ribbon bundles was a problem..I wanted to go pretty and vintage...but then they looked messy and people would have had to rummage too I have gone for functional over fancy!
Small clear baskets...x14!! Which won't be piled on top of one another tomorrow!
The rosettes will probably be in a cream wire cake stand, and the Patch packs in the trug....
The fabric will be arranged on the table - I plan to make 'staging' to give the table some height.
I will obviously take pictures ;)
But maybe some of you will be able to see in the flesh???
I have also been getting ready for the future.
Patch has not been advertised as such yet - by the start of June this will have altered..but in the meantime I have been visited by 2 reps this ribbon rep showed me some new lines that Patch neeeeeeds!!
And I am very excited to start packaging up Christmas ribbons and trims!!
The second rep was another fabric one......Amy Butler, Kaffe, Heather Bailey........I am currently mulling my order over..the first order has to be substantial so I need to choose wisely.
I am not the worlds most patient fact I could possibly be a contender for the least patient...I am struggling to stay walking before I begin to run as far as the business is concerned!!!
Patch has some new products that will be put on the website next week. I was hoping they would arrive today so I could take them to the fair but its not looking likely (the courier that usually delivers is in this area in the morning as a rule and nothing came), so look out for those!!
And finally...the most important part of tomorrow - getting Patch's name 'out there'....I ordered some new promotional things to have at the fair aswell as business cards...
colour postcards.......
and fridge magnets....

Ok back to the fabric folding...the only thing left to do for tomorrow.


  1. Good Luck - shame you aren't in my part of the country or I would straight down there.

  2. Wish I could come and see you - everything looks delicious as always :-) The new lines sound fab and any mention of the 'C' word gets me excited. Good luck xx

  3. Oh you clever busy lady, looks scrummy! Unfortunately just like the vintage & handmade fairs, it is too far to travel, but hope you have a fruitful day!
    Best regards
    Deborah (fondant kiss) x

  4. looking fab-u-lous!!
    wish i could come and see it in the flesh, but i am sure you will do brilliantly :)
    the new cards look fab too

  5. it's all looks gorgeous, good luck for tomorrow.
    i know what you mean about fabric reps i have to put a sock in my mouth to stop myself from saying "yes i need that one, and that one, oh and that one!!!

  6. I wish wish wish I lived in Norfolk! You're stall is EXACTLY the kind that appeals to me.

  7. Hope you do well - little bit too far for me , I'm afraid, otherwise I would have loved to have come for a look.

  8. Perhaps next time, when I am up to a two hour drive! ;-) Good luck and hope it goes well, you have such lovely goodies, I'm sure it will.

  9. I just found your blog..via another blog.
    And so glad i found you...your blog is great...and your shop is just what ive been looking for...roll on pay
    Ive just started sewing(last time was in i also make cards & gifts..and wanted to try something ive just started another blog just for my sewing creations...and just bought my first sewing machine last week.ive become a follower of your blog and im looking forward to reading the rest of your posts...and i hope you don't mind ive posted a pic & link to your shop on my blog!

    Also i hope your fair today went the other comments..wish i lived nearer!would of loved to have been there.Looking forward to seeing your pic's of your table.
    Have a nice weekend hugs clare x "Clare's Creations"

  10. Thank You everyone!
    I shall blog about the fair a bit later but it was an experience to say the least!!
    clare - thanks for finding me! And also for the link on your blog...I shall be following to see what you make!!!


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